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  Special Tournaments Cup Patch 
These are the special tournament files. It contains cup patches like Worldcup2002, Worldcup98, Hongkong-Asian cup 2002, African-nation cups and imaginative cups like Euro-cup 2004 and World Cup 2006.

Date : 2002-11-04, Size : 21k, Download : 29408, Rate : 5.35, Vote : 52

  2002-2003 Roster Update 3.0 
It includes the latest roster, tactics, numbers, attributes and formations for all the 32 nations that went to Korea/Japan 2002. The details are : Updated all the Conmebol/UEFA/Concacaf and some AFC teams, The Italian/German/English/Scottish/Spanish/French/Swedish/Norwegian/Swiss/Belgian/Danish/Austrian and rest of the world teams are also updated, Promotion and relegation in the Italian, Spanish, French, English and German done, Created Arminia Bielefeld, Hannover 96/VFL Bochum/West Bromwich/Modena/Como/Empoli/Boca Juniors/River Plate/Dynamo Kiev/Spartak Moscow/Steaua Bucarest/Dinamo Bucarest and Fenerbache, Created Egypt, Moved all teams from the european club competitions to the rest of the world section so you can play with them. All changes made with FCDB XP, so you won't lose commentary.

Date : 2002-10-17, Size : 288k, Download : 29608, Rate : 7.18, Vote : 79

  The 8 a Side Patch 
The 8 a Side patch for FIFA 2002 it's not only a new game but a great masterpiece of art and music. From U2 performing Elevation to the old FIFA song play by Blur and a whole new package of Cinematics never seen before! (more than 25). You want Figo and Roberto Carlos dancing like they do in the Nike advertisment? Well he have them in the 8 a Side patch!. Three games mode, plus 64 faces! Every player in the patch has its own face. Ah! Win the Endurance League and get the All Time Stars Team with Maradona and Pele. You can download it now! Do not miss this one!

Date : 2002-09-24, Size : 22M, Download : 17838, Rate : 6.01, Vote : 42

  Fifa Online Super Patch 3.0 
An amazing Italian Super Patch "Fifa On Line Superpatch 3.0" has been released! It contains : Updated Serie A rosters 2002-03, Updated Serie B rosters 2002-03, Updated rosters of England, Spain, Germany and France league, Updated rosters of the World Cup 2002 teams, Home and away kits of Serie A and B teams 2002-03, 4 new referee kits, All Serie A and B flags, New badges of Serie A teams, Created badges for Serie B teams, 5 new stadia(Olimpico of Rome, Bernabeu of Madrid, Giuseppe Meazza of Milan, Ibrox Park of Glasgow, Riazor of La Coruna, New Virtual Adboards, Numbers on shorts, New chants after a goal, New Fevernova ball/menu/boots, and lots of more features!

Date : 2002-09-16, Size : 26M, Download : 14725, Rate : 6.06, Vote : 24

  2002 K-League Roster Final 2.0 
This is another good K-League roster update. It features : Add North Korea and Senegal roster&flags to FIFA2002, The latest roster update for K-League and Korea national team(considering height and weight), Nederland roster update, The latest roster update for some big leagues(SeriaA/Premier/Primera and etc...), Change of some league names, and lots more features. (This patch is just useful for Korean language of FIFA2002.)

Date : 2002-09-14, Size : 667k, Download : 27660, Rate : 4.91, Vote : 83

  EA Graphics Editor 0.99 
New EA Graphics Editor 0.99. Must have it to install various graphic patches.

Date : 2002-09-10, Size : 797k, Download : 23075, Rate : 7.21, Vote : 26

  FEA Super Patch 1.5 
The updated FEA Super Patch 1.5 features : Creat AFC Champions League 16 teams and their 2GK 4S kits, K-League roster updates and K-League all star teams, The latest important transfer of some leagues, New 2GK4S kits for 9 national teams and K-League teams, Some bug fix of 1.4 version, Add 12 new boots patches, and lots of new features!

Date : 2002-09-07, Size : 42M, Download : 19823, Rate : 6.87, Vote : 94

  Seol Busan AG Korea Patch 
Seol Busan AG Korea Patch provides lots of roster updates. It features : 35 national team's latest roster, The latest K-League roster update, Accrute formation and best 11 player list, Korea classic all star roster, K-League all star team, Continent all star teams, Busan Agian game roster, The latest transfer and roster update for 19 world wide clubs like Barcelona, Korean language for K-League player name, Kits and flags of many teams, and Transfer Ronaldo and Crespo to new team.

Date : 2002-09-04, Size : 3M, Download : 22244, Rate : 8.12, Vote : 86

  2002-2003 Roster Update 1.0 
Includes the latest roster, tactics, numbers, attributes and formations for all the 32 nations that went to Korea/Japan 2002. Updated all the Conmebol, UEFA, Concacaf and some AFC teams. The Italian, German, English, Scottish, Spanish, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Swiss, Belgian, Danish, Austrian and rest of the world teams are also updated. Promotion and relegation in the Italian, Spanish, French, English and German done. Created West Bromwich, Modena, Como, Empoli, Boca Juniors, River Plate and Fenerbache. Created Egypt. Moved all teams from the european club competitions to the rest of the world section so you can play with them(i.e. Panathinaikos, Besiktas, Boavista, Etc).

Date : 2002-09-02, Size : 289k, Download : 37840, Rate : 7.99, Vote : 133

  2002 K-League Medium Patch 
2002 K-League Medium Patch is FIFA KOREA's official patch that offers more correct national team rosters based on EA Sports's FIFA2002 and various graphics according to Korean K-League atmosphere. Also this patch is the preview mega patch for the following K-League Super Patch 2002. K-League Super Patch 2002(International version) is now being developed, and it will be released within a month. This mega patch includes the accrute roster, kits, flags, menu screens for K-League.


Date : 2002-08-20, Size : 7.3M, Download : 76457, Rate : 6.92, Vote : 127


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