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  Arif Erdem Cinematics 
Galatasaray's player is Arif Erdem's goal celebration cinematics. Made by Wolf!

Date : 2003-10-09, Size : 391k, Download : 346, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  Del Piero Cinematic 
New amazing and realistic Del Piero Cinematic, must have for Juve fans!!! This patch contains cinematic and great feauture is that you will not lose any cinematics you used before, so it meens, now you are to add one new cinematic! (Extract to all files to "datacmne" and run "DelPiero.bat".)

Date : 2003-09-20, Size : 270k, Download : 1485, Rate : 6.65, Vote : 6

  Amsterdam Arena Cinematic 
New, amazing, impressive intro cinematic for Ajax's stadium Amsterdam Arena! A must have for all Ajax fans!

Date : 2003-09-20, Size : 195k, Download : 1051, Rate : 1, Vote : 1

  Gameplay Raptor NRGP Final Version 
Here is the final version of Sameer Munot Gameplay Raptor. It new features are : CPU attack - Less skill moves by CPU.CPU tries to keep the ball in possesion.More crossing by the CPU.You will witness awesomely superb passing and great shots on goal. The pace of the game has been decreased,to make the game feel more organised and real. Soring from crosses is easier because crossing assistance is increased. Deflections,rebounds are more realistic. Improved formations for better gameplay. And Little improvements in passing system.

Date : 2003-09-18, Size : 482k, Download : 1529, Rate : 4.32, Vote : 6

  Turkish Star "Hasan Sas" Cinematic 
Wolf of Soccer Access makes Turkish Cinematics. This is really big work for hime. Because any Turkish guy couldn't do this...This is a turkish star "Hasan Sas" Cinematic.

Date : 2003-09-03, Size : 427k, Download : 658, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  Turkish Star "Sergen Yalcin" Cinematic 
This patch will allow you to keep goal celebration cinematics after every goal but substitution cinematics will not be launched. This patch is for those who have problems with substitution cinematics. Wolf of Soccer Access makes Turkish Cinematics. This is really big work for hime. Because any Turkish guy couldn't do this...This is a turkish star "Sergen Yalcin" Cinematic.

Date : 2003-09-03, Size : 393k, Download : 568, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  Goal Keeper Gameplay Patch 
this is created for real hardcore plyers who can defend well because cpu golie skill is high but human golie is low(even low than that of "harder goalkeepers").so you should defend well. Also gameplay is made harder. Shot assistance is very low and cpu defence is made more harder. (Extract to FIFA2003 main folder, and run "install.bat" file.)

Date : 2003-08-23, Size : 23k, Download : 1360, Rate : 8.33, Vote : 3

  New Realism Gameplay Patch v6.3 
This patch enables FIFA 2003 game engine extremelly realistic! This version's new features are : Ball bouncing off the player is fixed, CPU does more often individual skill moves instead of generatic skill moves e.g. Zidane's 360 spin etc, It increases the player's attributes effect so that each player will feel different whether they are running/heading/shooting or tackling. Players(Henry, Figo, Zidane and Veron) really show off their talent, Passing system is finelly tuned, Better CPU attack.

Date : 2003-08-13, Size : 197k, Download : 13913, Rate : 6.08, Vote : 39

  Gameplay Physics Fix 3 
This is a new Gameplay for your Fifa 2003. Everyone seems to be always concerned about the games gameplay, well The Fifa 2003 Gameplay Physics Fix 3 patch brings two files for you to choose from that will change you way of playing. (1) SIMULATION MODE : If you want the game to be more like real life, then you choose the Simulation version. It will make the teams play more tactical football and they'll play defense-to-offense like in real life. They'll stay in formations like in real life and will make advance passing moves towards goal. (2) ACTION MODE : If you want the CPU to be SUPER AGGRESSIVE, then here's the file for you. The CPU will go mad once you get possession of the ball and will chase you around like you were the prey and it was the predator. BEWARE--->CPU IS REALLY GOOD AT SCORING GOALS IN THIS MODE. Yet they don't stay in formations and passing can really upset their style of play.

Date : 2003-08-11, Size : 287k, Download : 3891, Rate : 8.67, Vote : 22

  Sub-Zero AI Patch v1.0 
New gameplay patch which improves shoting. CPU's defend more hard and clean than before. Also attackers are more fast than before and never miss. Long shot is more easy than before and CPU use special moves. (Extract "aicpu.big" file to "data/cmn/be" folder, and "ini.big" to "data/cmn" folder.)

Date : 2003-08-09, Size : 13k, Download : 2998, Rate : 6.5, Vote : 4


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