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  Game Photographer 2.0 
Game Photographer is a freeware application made by Ariel Santarelli. You can take up to 100 Screenshots from most games and applications. It's easy to use and you have everything you need in just one application. And of course it's free. The features are : (a) You can take up to 100 screenshots (it does not include special capture for DVD or DIVX) (b) Save Screenshots as bmp or jpg (set jpg quality) (c) Automatically thumbnail generation (d) Configure Hot Keys as you like (e) Screenshot Sequencer(set screenshots and time interval) (f) Open the screenshot automatically with your favourite graphic designer (g) Load and Save galleries.

Date : 2003-10-18, Size : 1.8M, Download : 1440, Rate : 7.59, Vote : 13

  Bundesliga Adboards Exporter v2.0 
With the BuLi Banden Exporter by EBS_Fan, it's possible to set for every team of the Bundesliga and all german teams of 'Rest of World' - its own adboards! The adboards now aren't dependent of the stadiums any more! Now he has released the second version of it, with a completely new system : You start the "BuLi-Banden Exporter" folder in the explorer and you get.

Date : 2003-09-30, Size : 575k, Download : 252, Rate : 1, Vote : 1

  Stadium Builder v1.1 
This utility is providing amazing features for some patch makers! The patch maker who wants to edit a stadium, must download it now. This utility lets you customise Stadium Builder the way you want it with a Options screen, where you can define all your default settings. Be it turning off previews by default or setting your favourite crowd row height, you can do it with a user friendly Options screen. Stadium Importer now supports Non-Conventional RAV (only FifaMania style); i.e. RAVs not in order of Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Top Right, Top Left, Frequently Asked Questions in help file, Software Development in help file: so you can track what's new in the program, New About window layout.

Date : 2003-09-20, Size : 3.2M, Download : 1724, Rate : 6.65, Vote : 9

  Effects Convertor Beta Version 
A great utility from fifacenter.org . Effects Convertor BETA by Kerim. Patch can increase the number of confettis, torches and flags in the game and it can also change the point of them. Moreover you can illuminate the stadium even if you play daytime. (You need to have AutoCAD to work this patch on. Patch converts the ".dnt" files in FIFA 2003/data into ".dxf" which is an AutoCAD format.)

Date : 2003-09-09, Size : 163k, Download : 381, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  BMs Crowd Manager 
A great new invention is here to bring more realism into your FIFA 2003 stadiums. Crowd Manager not only allows you to assign crowds to specific teams or to choose individual fancrowds for your favorite club, it also let you choose the number of crowds within the stadium for each single match, fully automatic just by hitting a HOTKEY right before the upcoming match. You can choose wether the stadium is completely soldout, 75%, 50% or only 25% filled with crowds ! The audio atmosphere will of course fit to the crowdnumber within the stadium. The basic Patch includes 32 redesigned crowds, with all new colours and designs.

Date : 2003-08-31, Size : 10.4M, Download : 3509, Rate : 6.49, Vote : 10

  Additional Crowds Package for Crowd Manager 
Additional Crowd - Patch brings 16!!! more different crowds, including special team crowds for 9 TOP european teams : Manchester United, Arsenal London, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Schalke 04, AS Roma, Inter Milan, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid. Must have it!

Date : 2003-08-31, Size : 8.3M, Download : 1661, Rate : 0, Vote : 1

  2G Gloves Invader 
Yes you heard it right 2nd Generation keeper gloves. Kashif has done it, his 2nd Generation gloves are absolutely amazing they look splendid ingame. This surely change the way in making gloves now.

Date : 2003-08-23, Size : 1.2M, Download : 766, Rate : 5.66, Vote : 6

  Gaming Xtender 
The perfect program if you want to tweak Fifa ! It allows you to set up different profiles that you can call back later : multiplayer, solo etc...Besides, you can even add your new profiles ! A must have for players, and especially for patchers who like to edit soccer.ini ! You do play in solo, but in 1024x768, and with specific settings sometimes, you need to lower the resolution, set the game in windowed mode... to avoid lag you may want to play Winamp while playing Fifa...but you are boarded by having to shut the music down in the game's menu you create stadiums, and need to launch the game directly with one of your stadiums. This all needs modifications in the game, sometimes boring....but Gaming Xtender is here !

Date : 2003-07-29, Size : 96k, Download : 2505, Rate : 7, Vote : 6

  BMs Season Editor v0.1 
Now that the start of the new season is coming closer, lots of new actual kits are already published and roster editors are busy adding the latest transfers, all we need are updated season calenders. BMs FIFA2003_SeasonEditor is a small, easy to handle program to edit the seasons calender of 12 different leagues (MLS and K-League are not supported yet) It features : Editing of 12 leagues season calenders, Can be used with any rosterpatch, Simple editing with dropdown-combos, Restore-function.

Date : 2003-07-26, Size : 178k, Download : 2564, Rate : 5.07, Vote : 12

  Stadium Installer 
Stadium Installer is a simple tool, that simply brings yourstadium files into the game. All original stadium files will be saved in the backup folder, when you start Stadium Installer for the first time. Also they can easily be restored by pressing "restore"-Button.

Date : 2003-07-23, Size : 237k, Download : 2518, Rate : 6.32, Vote : 9


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