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  FIFA2003 Great Roster Patch 
Here is very nice FIFA 2003 roster patch after a long time! It updates Korea, Japan, Netherland national team's roster, and Korean K-League transfer. Don't miss it now!

Date : 2005-05-10, Size : 10k, Download : 11388, Rate : 5.49, Vote : 73

  Champions League Add-On Update 
This is an update for fantastic 93.53MB FIFA Mania + Soccer Access Champions League Patch. This patch includes lots of graphic updates. First you must download and install FIFA Mania + Soccer Access Champions League Patch.

Date : 2003-11-11, Size : 23M, Download : 4037, Rate : 3.55, Vote : 40

  FIFA Mania + Soccer Access Champions League Patch 
A fantastic 93.53 MB patch has been released by www.Fifamania.it in conjuntion with www.SoccerAccess.com! Features: Updated some Serie A and Serie B jerseys(All Home, Away, Gk and a lot of 3rd jerseys), The best cinematics from Soccer Access, Updated Serie A and Serie B rosters(until 30/09/03), All 32 teams' rosters with official UEFA listings, Logos in menus and tv popups for all the 32 teams, New cinematics intro with the Champions League anthem, New Champions League anthem, Specific menu for the Cup, New logos in menu and Tv popups, New Adboards, New chants for the most famous teams, Missing teams in FIFA 2003 which take part to the Cup.

Date : 2003-11-05, Size : 94M, Download : 8235, Rate : 7.16, Vote : 60

  DUD Super Patch Final Version 
This is an Ultimative Deutschland Patch : DUD-Patch! It contains over 120 new kits for each team, new 3D stadiums, new flags and banners, the latest German Budesliga 1 & 2 division rosters, new menu screens, and lots of other features.

Date : 2003-10-22, Size : 32.4M, Download : 883, Rate : 2.16, Vote : 6

  FIFA Online Super Patch v4.0 
Fifa On Line Superpatch v4.0 has been released! This is not only an update to italian teams but is an amazing update for teams all around the world. Here are some of the features : Updated Serie A, Serie B & Serie C rosters, Official Serie A 2003-04 fixtures calendar, All Serie A, Serie B & Serie C kits, badges, flags & kits previews, Updated the Champions League to 2003-04 season, Added South American teams(Boca Juniors, River Plate, Independiente and more), Added Holland & Jamaica, New faces for italian players, Updated promotions and relegation for Premiership and Liga, New nets, gloves, boots and turfs, More & more stuff...

Date : 2003-10-20, Size : 40M, Download : 4514, Rate : 7.26, Vote : 17

  X1000 Roster Super Patch Final Version 
X1000 Roster Mega Patch Final Version has been released! This patch has hundreds of features for FIFA users. The main features are : The latest roster update for lots of national teams, The latest transfer for Korean/England/Germany/Spain/Italy/France/Nederlands league, Accurate player skill ability and numbers, Accurate position for each player, Add 1000 new players database, hundreds of new graphics including kits/adboards/flags/faces, and more enhanced features. This patch is only useful for Korean language version of FIFA2003. But this is just useful for Korean language version of FIFA2003.

Date : 2003-10-13, Size : 175M, Download : 63723, Rate : 5.5, Vote : 348

  Arabian Champions League 2003 
Arabian Champions League patch has been released! It contains Top 18 Arab Club Teams in a the club championship mode (League + knockout). The 18 teams are : Egypt(Al Ahly-Zamalek-Ismaili), Tunisia(Esperance-Etoile-Africain), Morocco(Wydad-Raja), Algeria(Jeunesse Sportive Kabylie), Sudan(Al Mareekh), KSA(Al Ittihad-Al Hilal-Al Ahli), Kuwait(Al Kuwait), Qatar(Al Arabi), UAE(Al Ain), Syria(Al Jaish), Lebanon(Nejmeh). In game Data of all 18 teams: Manager, date of establishment, rank and nicknames. And it provides 36 High Quality realistic kits, Realistic Flags and Banners of all teams, Field Logos and kits menu logos with teams names in Arabic, Official logos of the 18 teams, Official Adboards, Superstars included(Gabriel Batistuta and Stefan Effenberg - Al Arabi of Qatar), Add ons v2: Menus-Chants.

Date : 2003-10-07, Size : 3.3M, Download : 1217, Rate : 7.99, Vote : 5

  EPL Super Patch v1.2(Fix Version) 
Breamster.com EPL Patch v1.2 FIX - Requires v1.0 and v1.1 of the EPL Patch and v1.0 of the CL Patch. Version 1.2 - Public FIX release. The details are : Fixed hair files to correct file size - hair will look normal on the edited players, Added pitch logos to Dynamo Kiev and Lokomotiv Moscow, Fixed match loading screen crash when playing with/against Dynamo Kiev and Lokomotiv Moscow, Removed Title background, Removed team badges from Half-time stats - causing problems with physical size of them, Added flags for Dynamo Kiev and Lokomotiv Moscow, Updated rosters + changed squad number colours, and Fixed Boot Raptor and Face Raptor Databases.

Date : 2003-10-07, Size : 1.1M, Download : 2347, Rate : 1, Vote : 1

  Low Countries Super Patch 2003 
As every real football fan knows, there are some legendary derbys in the world of international soccer: England-Germany, Brasil-Argentina, and of course Belgium-Holland: the battle of the neighbours, the battle of the low countries. Van Nistelrooy, Kluivert and Davids versus Van Buyten, Sonck and M'Penza. North versus South: legendary goals, blood, red cards and offside goals. The Low Countries Patch (LCP 2003) gives this derby the attention it deserves. This complete patch, full of quality and revolutionary systems gives every gamer the opportunity to battle with the Belgian Red Devils, or the Dutch Orange Army.

Date : 2003-10-03, Size : 6.2M, Download : 3005, Rate : 6.53, Vote : 16

  Borussia Dortmund FIFA XP Addon 
An overview of all files included in the patch : New adboards(The current adboards of the "Westfalen stadium" - all adboards in the "HQS-Format which enables a much higher resolution of the adboards than in default), New "sideline" textures, "Guards" now with original "BVB-bodices", Furthermore the players on the substitution bank wear bvb training kits and the trainer a bvb suit!, Nike Geo Merlin ball(The ball which is used on games of Borussia Dortmund), New chants, and New sounds(Intro music, Goal music).

Date : 2003-09-30, Size : 6.7M, Download : 137, Rate : 0, Vote : 0


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