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  X1000 Roster Super Patch Final Version 
X1000 Roster Mega Patch Final Version has been released! This patch has hundreds of features for FIFA users. The main features are : The latest roster update for lots of national teams, The latest transfer for Korean/England/Germany/Spain/Italy/France/Nederlands league, Accurate player skill ability and numbers, Accurate position for each player, Add 1000 new players database, hundreds of new graphics including kits/adboards/flags/faces, and more enhanced features. This patch is only useful for Korean language version of FIFA2003. But this is just useful for Korean language version of FIFA2003.

Date : 2003-10-13, Size : 175M, Download : 63723, Rate : 5.5, Vote : 348

  Frisis Roster Update Patch 
This patch reflects the latest update for various national teams and K-League 2003 season. Also it creats Korea-Japan all star team. This patch is useful only for Korean language version of FIFA2003. (Extract to "datacmnfe" folder.)

Date : 2003-09-22, Size : 1.4M, Download : 17430, Rate : 6.08, Vote : 61

  Beckham Hair Patch 
This includes Beckham's new Ultimate hair for FIFA 2003! It's really same with his recent hair style. (Extract to "data" folder.)

Date : 2003-09-03, Size : 85k, Download : 12780, Rate : 7.21, Vote : 44

  New Realism Gameplay Patch v6.3 
This patch enables FIFA 2003 game engine extremelly realistic! This version's new features are : Ball bouncing off the player is fixed, CPU does more often individual skill moves instead of generatic skill moves e.g. Zidane's 360 spin etc, It increases the player's attributes effect so that each player will feel different whether they are running/heading/shooting or tackling. Players(Henry, Figo, Zidane and Veron) really show off their talent, Passing system is finelly tuned, Better CPU attack.

Date : 2003-08-13, Size : 197k, Download : 13913, Rate : 6.08, Vote : 39

  Adidas Champions League Ball 
This contains an Adidas Champions League Final Ball for Fifa 2003. (Extract to "data" folder.)

Date : 2003-08-13, Size : 197k, Download : 19588, Rate : 6.06, Vote : 46

  New Club Championship Tournament 
Now 32 European Teams play the Club Championship. No more that championship with only 18 teams and a non sense fixture. Now the 32 top european teams are divided into 8 groups. 8 groups (home and away matches), then 1/16 finals, Quaterfinals, Semifinals (home and away) and the Final Match. Teams are : This patch does not include kits. It will update your database with the new tournament but you won't loose any change that you may have done using FCDBXP, ECP DBI or even Creation Center. It also includes new badges for all the teams and a new Title Menu.

Date : 2003-08-11, Size : 1.2M, Download : 18497, Rate : 5.12, Vote : 43

  UEFA EURO 2004 Super Patch 
UEFA Euro2004 Superpatch is ready to download now. The next task for this superpatch is the detail updating which includes more faces, flags. The features are : You can play with all UEFA national teams, You can select your team in REST OF THE WORLD section, and it includes new and updated kits, faces and flags for all the teams.

Date : 2003-08-09, Size : 19.8M, Download : 13454, Rate : 4.19, Vote : 44

  Cinematics Fever 3.0 
All Cinematics released during the 3 Cinematics Fever Weeks (goal celebration and yellow - red card ones), Subtitution Cinematics. Cinematic launched after every goal, Compatibility with Boot Raptor and Referee Raptor.

Date : 2003-08-02, Size : 4.5M, Download : 15085, Rate : 5.51, Vote : 25

  Cinetics Fever Week 3 Day 1 
Cinematics Fever Week 3 starts with two Yellow Card Cinematics!. Ariel removes some of the original Yellow Card Cinematics (by the way there were no great differences between them) so you can enjoy new ones more frequently. It's important you have installed Cinematics Fever Week 2 Day 4 Patch before you installed this one.

Date : 2003-07-26, Size : 514k, Download : 8465, Rate : 3.66, Vote : 3

  Cinetics Fever Week 3 Day 2 
No, it's not Knockout Kings, it's FIFA 2003. Most people sent mails asking for cinematics with players fighting. Look to that terrible hit that Nedved gives to Reiziger! This will be a Red Card Cinematic. The features are : ① The first red card cinematic (you will see this one when you get a second yellow card). Take a look at the previous news for more detail. ② Trezeguet Goal Celebration Cinematic. Many of you ask for it so here it's the one for the Juventus striker. It's important you have installed Cinematics Fever Week 3 Day 1 Patch before you installed this one.

Date : 2003-07-26, Size : 601k, Download : 9157, Rate : 6.66, Vote : 3


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