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  FIFA2004 Update v1.1 
This is worked official EA patch. Now it completely patches fully installed english version of FIFA 2004 without any troubles. The size was reduced by deleting files from official patch, and Results of installing is equal to official update : Real results (after official also) : Added Multiplayer, but works only LAN games, Added Controller Settings, but some controllers doesn't work, Added Detail Level (can't see the difference :-)), Added Save Replay(works really strange - not asking for replay name!)

Date : 2003-11-24, Size : 3.5M, Download : 9121, Rate : 6.28, Vote : 43

  Borussia Dortmund Sound Patch 
Hardly the secret of the FIFA 2004 sound patch creation was disclosed, lots of sound patches of lonely teams appears. This time it's the Borussia Dortmund Sound Patch, which includes the following sounds : Intro sounds(Heja BVB), Fan chants(Immer Wieder BVB, Borussia Ja ja ja, Schalalala.... BVB Borussia, Gypsy Kings-Volare Oh oh, Kampfen Dortmund, Kampfen), Goal sounds(Ole jetz kommt der BVB), Additionally(4 sounds which are already included to the game.)

Date : 2003-11-19, Size : 6.8M, Download : 385, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  Bay Arena Sound Patch v1.0 
It was created by Snarock and includes some sounds for Bayer 04 Leverkusen out of the German 1. Bundesliga. It includes : 3 intro sounds(Bayer 04 Hymn, Underdogs aus Leverkusen, Football's Coming Home), 10 fan chants(Leverkusen ...Shalalalala, Cologne .. Cologne .. die Scheise vom Dom, Shalalala lalalalal lala, Humba Humba, Deutscher Meister wird nur der SVB, UFFTA - Anfeuerung, UFFTA 2 - Norm, Never Walk alone, Shalalala, Ihr konnt nach Hause fahrn). If you want to get more atmosphere in the BayArena of Leverkusen, you are dead right with this sound patch.

Date : 2003-11-19, Size : 10.6M, Download : 433, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  Kenny's Gameplay Update v1.2 
Kenny has changed his Gameplay Update for FIFA 2004. This new version 1.2 includes all features of v1.1, additionally there are included the following changes : The keeper clears more shots from the distance, The pass system was changed again, The referee refs more fouls, Shot and pass help changed, The values of the keepers are now comparable with the real values (before the game has calculates them very self-willed).

Date : 2003-11-19, Size : 20k, Download : 4337, Rate : 4.78, Vote : 10

  Practice Mode v1.0 
It provides practice mode for FIFA2004. The patch embodies the real mode for tranning players.

Date : 2003-11-19, Size : 1.7M, Download : 1612, Rate : 5.29, Vote : 21

  Snow Patch 2004 
Today there's a great patch on Fifaonline! Leo has created a snow mini patch! With this patch you can play in Higbury or Anfield Road on a frozen grass and with a new puma yellow ball.

Date : 2003-11-19, Size : 222k, Download : 2985, Rate : 4.24, Vote : 8

  Hidden Faces Patch 
There is a new file available at friends from SoccerAccess. They have found some hidden Faces FIFA 2004, which will be activated with help of this patch. Included are the faces of : T.Howard (Manchester United/USA), Martin Keown (Arsenal/England), Eric Djemba-Djemba (Manchester United), Kleberson (Mancherster United/Brazil), C. Ronaldo (Manchester United/Portugal), Oliver Kahn (B.Munich/Germany), and Inamoto (Fulham/Japan).

Date : 2003-11-19, Size : 785k, Download : 27688, Rate : 6.64, Vote : 143

  Ze Roberto Face v1.0 
A face of Ze Roberto who is playing at FC Bayern Munich at the moment. It was created by King Bob, and like you can see it on the screenshot he hasn't unlearned anything since the last FIFA year!

Date : 2003-11-19, Size : 278k, Download : 1071, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  FIFA Music Changer 2004 v1.0 
The first program in the world able to edit playlist of FIFA 2004. Now, you can add your own music files to the game. Formats of music files supported: mp3, cda (Audio CD, doesn't work in Windows XP, yet), wav, aiff, str, asf. Program can edit song description appearing in menu, works with mp3 ID tags, automatically transfers information about song from MP3 to ASF-file (FIFA native audio format) - you'll always know what song this ASF-file contain. It is also possible to play file before adding. Program has multilanguage interface. You can add your own language by creating lng-file in "Language" directory(use english.lng as template).

Date : 2003-11-19, Size : 588k, Download : 2803, Rate : 6.54, Vote : 9

  Spanish Commentaries for FIFA2004 
Yes, the spanish commentaries by Manolo Lama and Paco Gonzales are now available!!! If you want to listen more exciting Commentaries for FIFA2004, must have it!

Date : 2003-11-15, Size : 240M, Download : 9451, Rate : 6.1, Vote : 37


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