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  German Bundesliga Super Patch 2004-2005 
FIFA4Fans have really worked on it for a very long time, and now it is finished : The FIFA 4 Fans German Bundesliga Patch 2004/05! We give you the whole Bundesliga to your FIFA 2004 - with those features for the Bundesliga - A very detailled, actual Roster, 90 different Kits (5 kits each team), The correct Mini Kits, 108 Flags for all teams, Fixtures of League 1 and 2, Logos for the new teams, More than 100 new faces, 3 new tickets for Bayern, Dortmund, Leverkusen, Adboard sets for 10 teams, Selective install possible. And to make this patch much more interesting I will now list all the features which have been improved in the roster.

The patch size is all together about 30 MB. The installation makes 2 different ways possible : The first one ist installing the complete patch with all features, and the second one is to chose exactly which parts of the patch you want to install - our Installer makes this possible! Well, enough words - enjoy this patch!

Date : 2004-10-18, Size : 30.2M, Download : 6831, Rate : 6.7, Vote : 94

  FIFA Online Super Patch v3.0 
Here is a great file coming from the italian site FifaOnLine.it, their brand new SuperPatch 3.0 featuring full Serie A, B, C with rosters, kits, flags, logos, adboards, popups, ect. all updated to October 2004, a total of over 153 MB! The best feature is, however, the fact that you will see 20 teams in Serie A and 22 teams in Serie B (instead of 18 and 20) even in the career-mode championship.

Date : 2004-10-11, Size : 150M, Download : 2026, Rate : 8.58, Vote : 10

  FIFA Mania Super Patch v3.0 
The amazing FIFA Mania Super Patch 2004 v3.0 has been released ! It features : Serie A and B 2004-2005 roster with kits, stadiums, ads, balls, flags, sideline, crowds, nets assigned to EVERY team ! Home and Away jerseys of all SERIE A&B teams, New backgrounds with Superpatch 2004 theme, Edited and improved turfs and stadiums, Huge amounts of new flags, Edited new faces of Serie A Players, Added 4 Serie A&B stadiums and linked to each team, Official balls for each Serie A&B, Edited crowds and different nets, some really nice cinematics, and lots of things!

Date : 2004-10-06, Size : 325M, Download : 1665, Rate : 4.84, Vote : 7

  MRU 2004 
It contains Mutiger's Roster Update 2004. The detailed features are : English Premier League updated through 25/09/2004 (sorry...no Djorkaeff to Blackburn), Coca Cola Championship updated, All promoted/relegated teams are in their proper place for the EPL, Coca Cola and other major championships, Rosters in the German Bundesliga are also updated. Also, all "big" transfers for all major championships have been accomplished.

Date : 2004-10-03, Size : 730k, Download : 2417, Rate : 5.16, Vote : 11

  Europe Super Patch 2004-2005 
Finally, the mega-patch for the new season has arrived! The long awaited FIFA Football 2004 Update from GFO2004 for the new Season 2004/2005 is here: The Europe 2004/2005 Mega-Patch is available in German and English. The patch contains
- Kits: More than 250 new Kits for the Season 2004/2005 from the English Premier League, German first and second Bundesliga, Spanish Primera Division, French LFP, Italian Serie A, Dutch Tippeligaen, Belgian Ehrendivisie and some more, Minikits for all that Teams.
- Roster: Database Update for the new Season for the English Premier League, German first and second Bundesliga, Spanish Primera Division, French LFP and Italian Serie A, more than 200 new Players,
- Faces: 150 new and updated Faces, for more realistic gaming.
- Badges: Badgesupdate for the Italian Serie A, new Juventus Turin Badge.
- Adboards: New Adboards for several German and English Teams, new generic Adboards for Premier League, Bundesliga and Primera Division.
- Flags: Some new Flagpacks, especially for the french LFP.
- Fonts: Seven new Fonts (Umbro, Kappa, Puma, Real Madrid, Premier League, Nike 2004, Nike 2005) for more reality-feeling.
- Repertoire: Original Repertoires of German first and second Bundesliga of the Season 2004/2005.
- Sounds: New Fansounds: Turn on your speakers and feel the true atmosphere of a football stadium in your room!
Get this unique mega-patch for 'FIFA Football 2004' now and enjoy the new season 2004/2005 all over Europe with your FIFA!

Date : 2004-09-21, Size : 76.9M, Download : 10149, Rate : 7.08, Vote : 67

  Czech Super Patch 2004 v1.0 
The guys over at Fifa CZ have finished a new version of their excellent Czech Super Patch 2004. The patch includes : latest rosters, 2GK kits, flags, banners and menu badges for all 16 Gambrinus liga 2004/2005 plus two second division teams (FK Viktoria Zizkov and FC Viktoria Plzen), updated Czech national team with 2GK kits, most teams have 2GK keeper kits, lots of authentic chants, every team has its own adboards, correct balls for every team (Adidas Roteiro, Nike Aerow 90, Mitre, Puma...), working Career mode, Czech menus, you can also download four extra stadiums in standalone packages (requires ECP Stadium Installer) - Toyota Arena (Sparta Praha) / Bazaly (Banik Ostava) / Andruv stadion (Sigma Olomouc), Mestsky stadion Uherske Hradiste (Slovacko). Czech Super Patch 2004 v.1.0.0 is officially licensed by Czech Football Association.

Date : 2004-09-15, Size : 24.4M, Download : 538, Rate : 5.99, Vote : 7

  Chile Clausura 2004 Mega Patch v3.0 
This is a very big super patch for Chilean league! This patch contains : Updated rosters, Brooks ball, Chile national team, Adboards in more than 70 designs, High quality Menus, logos, TV popups, and Updated european transfers. Must have it now if you want to know Chile soccer!

Date : 2004-09-14, Size : 26.8M, Download : 443, Rate : 8.49, Vote : 8

  Copa Pilsener 2004 
The Ecuador League super patch is finally here! : 10 teams from the Ecuador League(Copa Pilsener 2004), The national team of Ecuador, The original kits of the Ecuador teams, The original badges of the bulgarian teams and the bulgarian football union, The original flags of the bulgarian teams, The original management of the Ecuador teams, The original boots of the Ecuador footballers, Official Ball, Adboards for the Ecuador League, New elements in the menues, New background for the Ecuador League.

Date : 2004-09-06, Size : 114M, Download : 242, Rate : 9.66, Vote : 3

  Adidas vs Nike Patch 
Fifa Zone have released new patch for FIFA 2004. It's "Adidas vs Nike Patch" which added for FIFA, two new teams: Adidas and Nike Team. Patch added new: adboards, rosters, kits, flags ans faces for...Patch is property of page FIFAZONE. Adds he to games of team Adidas vs Nike. Here what contains patch : Teams compilated from stars of firms Nike and Adidas, Kits: home, away and Goalkeeper, Adboards, Flags, Faces, Boots, Special menus, and Logos teams.

Date : 2004-09-03, Size : 4.6M, Download : 1048, Rate : 3.61, Vote : 8

  Bulgarian League Super Patch 
The Bulgarian League patch by Mindcrime contains : 14 teams from the Bulgarian League, The national team of Bulgaria, The original kits of the bulgarian teams, The original badges of the bulgarian teams and the bulgarian football union, The original flags of the bulgarian teams, The original management of the bulgarian teams, The original boots of the bulgarian footballers, Adidas Roteiro Ball, Adboards for the Bulgarian League, New elements in the menues, New background for the Bulgarian League. You can play not only for the league but for the Bulgarian cup and Europe.

Date : 2004-08-31, Size : 13.2M, Download : 466, Rate : 3.98, Vote : 8


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