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▶ Stadiums / Turfs

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  Celtic Park Stadium 
"Vinny Jones", a member of FIFA ECP's forums, now releases his next work (after Upton Park : Download) ! This time it's the long-awaited stadium of Celtic Glasgow, the famous Celtic Park or Parkhead ! Vinny brought the great structure and the amazing atmosphere of the original stadium right into FIFA - you will feel the Celtic feeling playing in that stadium.) So take a look at the screenshots and don't hesitate to download this great piece of work ! (Stadium Installer must be installed)

Date : 2004-10-18, Size : 2.3M, Download : 880, Rate : 5.99, Vote : 5

  Abbe Deschamps(Auxerre) Stadium 
Here is another new stadium for your FIFA 2004 / EURO 2004 and TCM 2004 ! FIFA ECP member "rabcp" built the stadium of the French club "AJ Auxerre", the so-called "Stade Abbe Deschamps". It has got a capacity of about 23000 people and three diffent kinds of stands ! Interesting construction. So, have fun with that amazing stadium from rabcp !

Date : 2004-10-03, Size : 2.4M, Download : 343, Rate : 6.33, Vote : 3

  FC Kopenhagen Parken Stadium 
This download includes the PArken Stadium in Kobenhavn. It's the home stadium of FC Kobenhavn out of the Denish 1st Division and the National Stadium of Denmark. (Stadium Installer must be installed)

Date : 2004-10-01, Size : 4.2M, Download : 360, Rate : 9.66, Vote : 3

  Ennio Tardini Stadium 
This time it's an Italian one - the so-called "Ennio Tardini" stadium in Parma, home of AC Parma (now called FC Parma?). This common but a bit old stadium has got a capacity of around 29, 000 people. And even if it's a bit old, that stadium has got its own atmosphere, somehow you feel cozy here. The stand behind the back straight has got a very special construction - it just looks like one big scaffold, you'll see it playing this Not Full-House version ! The stadium comes with two versions : Full-House (day & night included) and Not Full-House (day & night included). (Stadium Installer must be installed)

Date : 2004-09-16, Size : 8.0M, Download : 435, Rate : 7.59, Vote : 5

  Cottbus Stadium 
Today there is a file of a non-F4F member for a long time - and you know that we only do so if it is a very good download! And that's the fact of the latest work of Big-Red. After the release of his Cottbus Patch he has now finished the Stadion der Freundschaft ("stadium of friendship"), the home stadium of Energie Cottbus out of the German 2nd Bundesliga! Additionaly there are included some new adboards the this club! (Stadium Installer must be installed)

Date : 2004-09-14, Size : 3.3M, Download : 255, Rate : 9.66, Vote : 3

  Atene 2004 Stadium 
The Olympic Games in Greece are over, but not for you! Over at Italian FIFA site Fifamania.it have just released the Olympic Stadium of Athens for FIFA Football 2004. (Extract to FIFA2004 main folder, and run "ATENE2004.bat".)

Date : 2004-09-11, Size : 1.1M, Download : 1180, Rate : 3.79, Vote : 5

  Centenario Stadium 
It's one of the most historic stadiums in the world - and the stadium where the first worldcup ever was played in ! - "Centenario" stadium in Monteviedeo, Uruguay. It has got a capacity of 73609, or 55000 seats. Today it's still the home of Uruguay's international squad and of the two biggest teams in the country : Perarol and Club Nacional ! Go downloading the stadium to get that special South-American feeling into your FIFA. (Stadium Installer must be installed)

Date : 2004-09-08, Size : 2.0M, Download : 375, Rate : 9.74, Vote : 4

  Ernst-Happel Stadium 
After Germany's 3-1 victory against Austria last night in Wien, you now have the change to make it all level again and start at 0-0 ! Rapidfan releases his next stadium, and this time it's a "big" one - Ernst-Happel-Stadion from Vienna. With a capacity of 49.000 people the stadium is the biggest stadium by far in Austria, used as national stadium of Austria, as well as for "big" matches of the two local teams, Rapid and Austria Wien - international games or derbys for example. Especially the roof construction makes this stadium interesting - and Rapidfan has transferred that perfectly to the FIFA version ! The stadium comes out with two versions : Full House and Not Full House. (Stadium Installer must be installed)

Date : 2004-09-06, Size : 5.2M, Download : 286, Rate : 8.74, Vote : 4

  Olympia Berlin Stadium 
The Olympics are everywhere - even here at ECP. This combination of history and modernity as FIFA stadium - the Olympic summer games that took place in Berlin, 1936. This was the date when the "Olympiastadion Berlin" was constructed - and due to the "protection of historical buildings and monuments" parts of the stands and the famous "Marathon" gate are still the same. But for the next big event - FIFA Worldcup 2006 which will be in Germany - the stadium has been reconstructed and equipped with a new modern roof. In 2006 the Olympiastadium will host six games, including a quarter final and the final. (Stadium Installer must be installed)

Date : 2004-09-03, Size : 4.5M, Download : 567, Rate : 9.66, Vote : 3

  Frankfurt Wald Stadium 
Over at FIFA 4 Fans sgerulez and Eintracht4Ever have released the brandnew Waldstadion, home of German football club Eintracht Frankfurt. There are 4 versions included in this ZIP-Download: 2nd Bundesliga-Versions (roof: opened and closed) and 2 worldcup-versions [Germany 2006] (roof: opened and closed). (Stadium Installer must be installed)

Date : 2004-09-03, Size : 13.7M, Download : 611, Rate : 9.5, Vote : 2


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