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FIFA06 Career Expansion Pack v2.1 Update


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OckHAM and Donovan

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 Description :
After months of hard work on bugs fixing and, especially, rosters update to the 2006/07 season (including new youths, new and updated players that you never saw in a soccer game), the final update for CEP06, namely CEP 2.1 update is ready for download as the last patch released for Career Expansion Patch for Fifa 2006. You will find inside it a massive update for the following leagues :

- Argentina Primera Division, Belgium League (a FULL update), Bolivia Torneo, Brazil Serie A, Chile Primera Division, Colombia Copa Mustang, Croatia League, Greece League, Ireland Eircom League, Romania League, Russia Premier League (a FULL update), Slovakia League, Slovenia League, Switzerland Challenge League, Switzerland Super League, USA MLS League.

This final release is aimed for all the FIFA gamers that want to wait to play with FIFA 2007 and that still love the 2006 version of the EA game. Note that you don't need any previous updates before the 2.1 (just apply over your CEP 2.x version)

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