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Road to World Cup Super Patch 2006 v1.2


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 Description :
"Road to World Cup Super Patch 2006" is FIFA KOREA's official patch that offers more correct national team and Club team rosters based on EA Sports' FIFA2006 and comprehensive graphics update according to World Cup atmosphere.

Also this patch is operating under 6 languages version of FIFA 2006 including korean, english, spanish, german, french, and italian. And provides real rosters and graphics for 2006 Germany FIFA World Cup. This amazing patch includes lots of features for you :


(*) Roster Update
- Full support for Network(IPX) game
- The accrute roster updates for 32 nations that participate in 2006 World Cup
- Add losts of newly created national teams like Ukraine, Netherlands, Iran, Togo, Angola, and other teams.
- Real formation and position data for each team
- The latest roster update for hundreds of European clubs
- The latest roster update for K-League teams
- Add 2006 FIFA World Cup Tournament Mode
- Increase sub members of 2006 FIFA World Cup Tournament 32 teams.(5 sub members -> 7 sub members)
- Fix some database errors for 1.0 version)

(*) Graphic Update
- Lots of new title menu screens according to World Cup atmosphere
- High quality 2GK home&away kits for lots of teams
- Official 2006 World Cup adboards and ball(Adidas Team Geist ball)
- New In-game popup graphics including scoreboard
- Accurate and new natioal flags, banners and logos
- Many famous head coach face images for career mode
- Face update for Korea national team's all players and some world players

(*) Music & Sound Update
- Realistic 3D sound upgrade during field playing. Crowds shout more often.
- Totally new music addon. You can hear the best of best musics about historical FIFA series and Korean rooters song.

(*) Other Features
- More smooth play motion in the game
- No more slow motion to play FIFA 06 via Lan or Internet
- Now CPU changes formation and does substitution automatically
- Increased stability and changed INI figures for Career Mode
- Add FIFA KOREA Sponsor in Career Mode
- Fully supported 6 languages including Korean, English, Spanish, Italian, German, French
- Convenient install & uninstall function

This patch embody the realistic 2006 FIFA World Cup. Get the real rosters, graphics, and musics for 2006 Germany FIFA World Cup. Don't miss it now!

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