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  Salah hat-trick saves Liverpool, Arsenal cruise as Premier League returns [2020/09/13   ]
Mohamed Salah's hat-trick saved Liverpool from an opening day stumble as the defending Premier League champions edged Leeds 4-3 on Saturday, while Arsenal had a much more comfortable start against newly-promoted opposition with a 3-0 win at Fulham. .....
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  Lionel Messi says he isn't leaving Barcelona. But what kind of nightmare is he walking back into? [2020/09/06   ]
It’s official now, insofar as anything is ever official in soccer. After 10 fevered days since news got out that Lionel Messi was attempting to opt out of the final season on his Barcelona contract, a move that exposed the deep rot within the club a.....
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  If Lionel Messi leaves, there will be nothing to hide the mess Barcelona has become [2020/08/26   ]
As if 2020 wasn’t rapturous enough, Lionel Messi is reportedly attempting to rip up his contract with Barcelona. It was well known that Messi’s deal, which runs through the 2020-21 season, had an opt-out clause that expired June 30. On Tuesday, Mes.....
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  Champions League final: Bayern Munich beats Neymar, Paris Saint-Germain 1-0 [2020/08/24   ]
Paris Saint-Germain came close, but a second-half goal by Bayern Munich’s Kingsley Coman was the difference in Sunday’s 1-0 victory in the Champions League final in Lisbon, as the German titans claimed their sixth European title almost a year after.....
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  Champions League has tough act to follow after Sevilla wins wild Europa League final [2020/08/22   ]
The old joke about the Europa League is that it crowns Europe’s 33rd-best team. The best 32, after all, play in the Champions League, the top-tier continental competition. If you want to be pedantic about it, that isn’t actually right. Because aft.....
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  Champions League: Neymar leads Paris Saint-Germain past RB Leipzig and into its first final [2020/08/19   ]
Lost somehow in the criticism that Brazilian superstar Neymar has endured from all corners of the soccersphere over the last few years, for a litany of transgressions both real and overblown — he’s a diver, he’s jealous of Paris Saint-Germain.....
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  This is what Barcelona is now [2020/08/15   ]
You could interrogate Barcelona’s ignominy against Bayern Munich until it told you any joke you wanted about that punchline of a performance. It’s the first time a team has given up eight goals in a single Champions League knockout stage game. It.....
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  Miraculous Paris Saint-Germain comeback ends Atalanta’s run in Champions League [2020/08/13   ]
After hundreds of millions in investment, all with the express aim of winning the Champions League, after seven consecutive seasons stranding in either the quarterfinals or the round of 16, after months of preparations for this particular game, here .....
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