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EA SPORTS FIFA Manager 13 Available Now

Electronic Arts Inc. announced that EA SPORTS FIFA Manager 13, featuring Borussia Monchengladbach coach Lucien Favre on the cover, is available now for digital download for PC at Origin.com and through other digital retailers. Fans can create their own club or lead their favorite club to international fame in FIFA Manager 13, experiencing a full range of challenges---from transfer signings to training regiments through to stadium extensions---that impact real-world clubs everyday. The FIFA Manager 13 demo is available to download now at Origin.com.


To be successful in FIFA Manager 13, fans must focus on the core of their team through a new feature called Team Dynamics that encourages players to pay close attention to player relationships, egos and goals of individuals within the team. Managers get an overview of team hierarchy, rivalry, personality clashes, and more. In addition, two new features---Team Matrix and Hierarchy Pyramid---enable fans to quickly identify which players are having challenges and their impact on team dynamics. Plus, new individual player objectives have a special role, and teams will only be successful with enough team leaders and players working towards the same objectives. From balancing player rivalries to spending enough time understanding and setting player expectations, FIFA Manager 13 will push players to perfect the art of team management.


“We really wanted our fans to experience the breadth of challenges real-world managers face in developing a homogenous and successful team,” said Gerald Ko"hler, Lead Designer of the FIFA Manager 13. “Players must now be thoroughly researched and their potential impact on a team considered before making a signing, just like real-world football.”


Once again, the transfer market is the heartbeat of FIFA Manager 13. Players now consider more than 40 criteria when making their decision on whether or not to transfer to a new club. Using the new Squad Planner feature, players can plan their future team in detail, see the impact of integrating potential newcomers into existing teams and try out new players.


The game also takes a visual leap forward with higher resolution graphics, numerous new fan banners that create a livelier atmosphere in the stadiums, and fans now wear shirts, scarves and jackets that show off their team colours.


Football fans have once again helped design features in the game through the “Your Feature!” promotion. Several thousand participants voted and chose six features, including "Shooting Stars During The Season", "Buy-back Options", "Regional Talent Scouts", and a “Dynamic Development League”.


Players can play FIFA Manager 13 using the current data for 11 European leagues by purchasing the Live Season premium service, which delivers regular updates of real-world player and team form, transfers, injuries, suspensions and more. The service is available for a recommended retail price of $US6.99 for the ongoing season.


FIFA Manager 13 Fact Sheet



FIFA MANAGER 13 comes alive with a team analysis feature called "Team Matrix", as well as a hierarchy pyramid, which allows you to visualize which players are facing challenges in the team pecking order. In the Team Dynamics section you get an overview of team hierarchy, rivalry, personality clashes, personal goals, family relationships and much more.


Your assistant manager helps you to analyse the team, and requesting a psychological profile of a player before signing him might help avoid future problems.


New individual player objectives have a special role, and your team will be successful only with enough team leaders and everyone pulling in the same direction. From balancing player rivalries to spending enough time understanding and setting player expectations, FIFA MANAGER 13 will push you to perfect the art of team management.



Every player of the team has his personal objectives. Some want to become a first team regular, others want to play for their country, some simply want to improve their skills, whilst others want to be captain or take the penalties etc. The status of these objectives has a massive influence on the player’s morale and as manager you must try your utmost to keep your players happy.



You can now talk to a player to change his expectations or to give him new objectives. Also there are specific new talks for many situations, e.g. when you want the player to accept a loan deal, to move him to the reserves or to even sell him.



The new basic screen resolution of FIFA MANAGER 13 was increased from 1024x768 to 1280x1024.


This gives the game a new look and there is much more space for essential elements like the pitch on the line-up screen or for text on the Live Ticker screen. The game will of course still support all screen resolutions from previous editions (minimum 1024 x 720, maximum 1920x1200).



The new quick access menu bar allows you to select as many menu items as you like. You can then directly reach the relevant menu item with one click. Every item also shows information whether you have already opened the respective screen on a particular day, and it also flags potential problems.



The positional level was removed from the game. The general quality of a player will now be calculated with a formula that includes the skill levels and the player type. This makes sure only the relevant skills determine the general level of a player.



FIFA MANAGER 13 includes three new planning tools. The Season Planner is an addition to the Transfer Market, the Upcoming Events are added to the News/Calendar section, and the Player Development Tool can be found on the Player Info screen.


- Season Planner

This tool allows you to plan your squad for the next season. You can select current squad players, players in negotiations with your club and players who are just on your scouts’ short list. It is then possible to try out various combinations to explore the impact they could have on your team and to directly start negotiations in case you want to really sign a player.


- Upcoming Events

The second tool is a new screen that lists all upcoming events and improvements such as important matches; important transfer market dates; completion dates of stadium elements, club facilities, and youth camps; required points for a personal promotion (manager level); changes in the all-time tables; experience gains of players and many more.


This allows you to take immediate action or to set reminders for when further steps are required.


- Player Development Tool

This tool allows predicting the career path of players depending on parameters like injuries, matches played, other positions, talent etc. It is an extremely helpful tool to make sure a player can really help the team long-term.



The new half-time feature gives you more control with detailed player speeches and new team speeches, options to boost the energy of a player by a massage or to offer players with minor knocks medical treatment, direct feedback on your decisions and the new Assistant option to delegate your work.



The tactical settings now have more precise definition. There are no longer 3, 4, 5 or 6 settings, but you can essentially select probabilities for short versus long passing, the playing direction, the position of the defensive line, or the height of crosses. In particular crosses into the penalty area were improved and the headers become more realistic. Numerous new fan banners in the stadiums create a more authentic atmosphere, and the fans now show their colours with shirts, scarves and jackets.


- Live Ticker

In the Live Ticker the focus this year is on additional options for the manager to have direct influence on the game. The main feature is the new decision system to shout orders onto the pitch in specific situations. Also FIFA MANAGER 13 includes a long list of additional features that the community suggested:

  • Option to control the penalty taker
  • Option to select the penalty takers before a shoot-out
  • Additional tooltips with position information
  • Injuries in stages
  • Option to send all players to warm-up at once
  • Special commentaries on fan behaviour
  • Weather changes
  • Comments on tactics
  • New injury time calculation and comments
  • Pre-penalty texts and many more.

Last but not least the step-by-step text mode which was very popular with the community in former versions of FIFA MANAGER was added to the English version as well.


- Your Feature

Again the new edition of FIFA MANAGER includes many features suggested and selected by the community via a series of polls on our website. These new features include “Shooting Stars” (which allows certain players a particularly quick development for a limited amount of time accompanied by specific news messages etc.), the “Buy-back Clause”, “Local Scouting” and “Dynamic League Development” (e.g. the television money changes in relation to the average league attendance and the international success of the clubs).


FIFA Manager 13 Official Trailer



FIFA Manager 13 Screenshots












You can check out more screenshots by visiting FIFA Manager 13 Screenshot Gallery.



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